St Ives Harbour

St Ives Harbour
A beautiful day in St Ives

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Knowing where your food comes from...

At The Sail Lofts we like to keep suppliers and produce local, and if you are staying with us we encourage you to do the same and enjoy the fantastic products produced in our county. We're here to help you do this as part of our concierge services.

We recommend online shopping deliveries from Cornish Food Market who are based in nearby Falmouth and will deliver to The Sail Lofts (which we can unpack for you!). They are proud of how they source their produce, importantly they know exactly where the meat, vegetables and fish they sell come from. Have a read of this newsletter...

We have the same philosophy with sourcing fish for our guests which is why we use Matthew Stevens Fish Merchant, based just up the road in St Ives. When staying at The Sail Lofts you can order fresh fish through our office which will be delivered to your fridge later that day. Knowing where your food comes from makes a big difference and it's fascinating following @Crystalseass118 on Twitter, one of the boats operating out of Newlyn who supplies Matthew Stevens. Hear about the storms they trawl through, the catches they are about to land and see how quickly it gets from the boat to your fridge. We'd also recommend following @MStevensFish.

When in St Ives, using the local butcher - Harvey Brothers is part of being in the town. The beef is home reared on their farm and fields in West Cornwall and is some of the finest around. When I first moved to town I remember asking them if the chicken was local, the answer "well not really, sorry", so I asked, "so where is it from?" to which he replied "Near Falmouth pard" - a mere 20 miles away!

We're lucky to have such wonderful produce on our doorstep and we hope you enjoy it as well, especially if we can make the process just as convenient as a visit or online shop from your usual supermarket.

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